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Madagascar Chocolate Millet Porridge

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Chocolate! It’s a mood uplifter, a friend-in-need, a healthy superfood and a delicious treat. Just that we mostly don’t get it at its healthiest. So, we thought why not. And here it is. Made of the finest Madagascar Cocoa, Madagascar Vanilla and Madagascar Cocoa Extract and mixed with loads of Ragi (the millet richest in calcium), it is the ideal breakfast for you. Indulge in this one, guilt-free- no matter what your age! Time for some chocolat-y happiness.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Decadently Nutritious: Dive into the luxurious taste of Madagascar chocolate, knowing you’re feeding your body with high-quality, nutrient-dense ingredients. Our porridge is a perfect blend of taste and health, with no compromises.
  • Ready in Minutes: In the rush of morning routines, your gourmet breakfast is just 6 minutes away. Simply add water, cook, and behold—a breakfast that looks like a weekend treat but is ready for your weekday rush.
  • Power-Packed Ingredients: Made with palm jaggery for natural sweetness, a mix of foxtail, kodo, and little millets for fiber, and enriched with almonds and basil seeds for added nutrition. 
  • For the Whole Family: Perfect for kids and adults alike. It's high in protein and fiber, making it the ideal start for everyone in the family. Plus, it’s so delicious, even the pickiest eaters can’t resist.
  • Conscious Eating: With ingredients sourced responsibly and packaged with care, each purchase supports sustainable practices and contributes to a healthier planet. Eat well, and do good!

Taste the Difference with Every Bite: Indulge in a breakfast that’s crafted for the conscious eater who doesn’t want to compromise on taste. With our Madagascar Chocolate Millet Porridge, you get the best of both worlds—a deliciously rich chocolate flavor packed with the goodness of millets and essential nutrients to power you through the day.

How to Enjoy: Serve it hot as a creamy delight, or chill it for a refreshing breakfast pudding. Top it with fresh fruits, a dollop of yogurt, a splash of milk, or a sprinkle of your favorite nuts for an extra boost. It's versatile, nutritious, and always ready to adapt to your breakfast needs.


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Palm jaggery powder (31.6%), foxtail millet (11.6%), kodo millet (7%), oats (7%), prebiotic mix (fructooligosaccharides) (6%), milk solids (5.6%), little millet, barnyard millet, ragi, almonds, cocoa solids, olive oil, basil seeds, whey protein concentrate, soluble fibre, salt

Contains added natural flavors (cocoa extract, vanilla extract).

Nutritional Information

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Energy (calculated)



Total carbohydrates (complex carbs)



Of which added Sugar(from Palm Jaggery)






 Total Fat



 Saturated Fat



 Total trans Fat



Mono unsaturated Fat



Poly unsaturated Fat









Cooking Instructions

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Cooking instructions: Suggested portion size = 60g (6 tbsp) of porridge mix.

1.Boil 2 cups of water for every 1 cup of porridge mix.
2. Add porridge mix to boiling water.
3. Cook for approx 6 mins on medium flame, stirring freqently to avoid lumps.
4. Serve as is or add milk/fruits/nuts on top

*Shake before use

Storage Instructions

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Store in cool & dry place away from direct sunlight.
Keep away from moisture.

Allergy Information

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Allergen information: Contains treenuts, milk and its derivatives. Made in a facility and using equipments that process treenuts, peanuts, sesame, wheat, soy, milk and its derivatives.

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