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Wise Mama's Vision

Our Story


When Covid hit and India went into lockdown, all of us realized how food and immunity were linked and how important it is to eat right! Yet the lookdowns left us juggling work, home and everything in between with even less time to make a healthy meal! That’s when we got together with some amazing like-minded experts to create a wholesome and well-balanced food. We started with breakfast when we were the shortest on time but most in need of good nutrition. When you’re eating after almost 10 hours you’d better put something good in that hungry tummy

Now we could have just gone with the regular high protein and high fiber stuff and stopped there. But we felt that in a country with 5000 years (or more) old civilization and highly evolved food science and Ayurvedic wisdom that would be an utter waste of knowledge. So we went with our traditional wisdom and used Ayurvedic guidelines of eating right in addition to the western approach of measuring calories and proteins. Combining these 2 schools of nutrition wisdom with ancient grains that have been part of our diets for centuries and nutrition-rich seeds, nuts, palm jaggery and spices gave us just what we were looking for! We topped it off with modern recipes to complete the magic!

We hope Wise Mama will find a place in your heart ...and tummy :P

Meet Our Team

Aparna Bhatnagar


Aparna is the mama behind Wise Mama! An entrepreneur and a mom to a super active 4-year-old and a refuse-to-grow-up cocker spaniel, she's on a journey to find sustainable and healthy food choices.

Wise Mama emerged from her own struggles with finding wholesome, nutritious and easy-to-cook food that was not based on passing fads but was based on time-tested food science principles of Ayurveda and western nutrition science.

Aparna is also an alumna of Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi School of Economics, and IIM Ahmedabad.

Before starting Wise Mama, Aparna founded an online marketplace for sustainable products called

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Chef Souvik Gupta

Culinary Expert and Advisor

Chef Souvik adds the magic to Wise Mama dishes and makes them taste so delicious! He has over 20 years of experience as a professional chef with some of the top food companies in India and a passion for creating great food. His attention to detail at every step of creating Wise Mama has helped us bring out the best taste, texture, and aroma in each of our dishes.

And btw...Souvik also makes the best Biryanis in Bangalore, if not India, in his own venture - "Dum Durrust"

Dr. Sruthi Thejus

Ayurveda Expert and Advisor

Dr. Sruthi is our Ayurveda expert and guide. Ayurveda has been part of her life from a very young age and her love for this ancient holistic science drove her to pursue BAMS from Goa University. She has been a practicing Ayurveda Doctor for over 10 years now.

During her academics and career, she has worked under the guidance of many Ayurveda luminaries.

Her areas of interest include dietetics and nutrition, lifestyle management and Ayurveda cosmetology.

Dr. Sruthi is also the Founder of Enliven Soundarya, and co-founder of Enliven Veda Retreats

Ashutosh Pandey

All things marketing

Ashutosh is a seasoned marketing professional with over 12 years of experience in Marketing & Business Development in the FMCG industry. He has extensively worked in the Digital Marketing and E-commerce domain for the last 8 years in the Domestic and International Market.

A true Ahmedavadi, he loves discovering and trying out various cuisines in Bangalore. When not working, you can find him busy traveling, reading, cycling or running marathons.

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