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Take the Prakruti Quiz


According to Ayurveda, each one of us has a unique mind-body type combination, known as a dosha. It is as unique as your fingerprint and determines your unique body type, physical characteristics, personality, and psychological tendencies. Knowing your predominant dosha can help you design the ideal lifestyle to keep yourself in balance to stay happy, healthy, and disease free.

 While taking the quiz consider your whole life and not just the most recent situations

  1. Your body frame can best be described as:
    1. Thin and Lean
    2. Average built
    3. Sturdy and strong/well built


  1. Your hair can best be described as:
    1. Dry prone to breakage
    2. Normal
    3. Oil, greasy, heavy


  1. Your skin type can be best described as:
    1. Dry and rough
    2. Soft sweaty, and prone to acne
    3. Moist, greasy


  1. Your body weight can best be described as:
    1. Low - don’t gain weight easily, find it difficult to keep it on
    2. Medium - can gain or lose weight easily
    3. I tend to gain weight easily and can have difficulty losing it


  1. Your body temperature can best be described as:
    1. Cold—hands and feet are usually cold.
    2. Warm—especially Face and forehead are usually warm.
    3. Normal- with hands and feet slightly cold.


  1. Which of the following weather conditions best describes your preference?
    1. Dislike cold
    2. Dislike heat
    3. Dislike moist, rainy, and cool weather


  1. Your appetite can best be described as:
    1. Inconsistent—fluctuating and irregular
    2. Strong hunger pangs
    3. Steady, can skip a meal easily


  1. Usually, when under stress you are most likely to be:
    1. Anxious and worried, irritable
    2. Aggressive and angry
    3. Reclusive, Withdrawn, unmotivated, depressive


  1. Your walking speed can be best described as:
    1. Brisk/fast
    2. Average
    3. Slow
  2. Your daily routine can be best described as:
    1. Inconsistent, flexible. Eating and sleeping times vary
    2. Goal-oriented. You like to get things done
    3. Predictable and steady. You prefer routine and structure to your days
  3. How do you usually make decisions:
    1. Spontaneously, impulsively based on your feeling at the time
    2. Precisely and confidently after doing your research
    3. Slowly, let others make the choices


  1. Your sleep pattern can be best described as:
    1. Difficulty in falling asleep, light sleeper and awaken easily
    2. Short but sound periods of time than most people
    3. I enjoy deep, long sleep


  1. Your personality can be best described as:
    1. Lively and enthusiastic
    2. Purposeful/ goal-oriented
    3. Easygoing, go with the flow


  1. Your stamina over the day can be best described as:
    1. Mild, becomes low in the evening
    2. Average, but you can push yourself when needed
    3. Excellent energy throughout the day


  1. Your bowel movements can be best described as:
    1. Dry, hard, dark, constipation stools
    2. Soft, yellowish, loose stools
    3. Thich, heavy, sticky stools


How to score the quiz:

Count the number of As, Bs, and Cs.

Mostly A  = You are Vatta dominant

Mostly B = You are Pitta dominant

Mostly C = You are Kappha dominant

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